Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs

Coca-Cola Disney Springs

Orlando, Florida The Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs is the flagship retail location for the Coca-Cola Company. In order to differentiate from the other retail experiences in the area, Coca-Cola decided to showcase a technologically driven interactive experience that would be a social media sensation. Features Participants Owner: The Coca-Cola Company Architect: Baker Barrios General … Read more

BHP Billiton Petroleum

BHP Billiton Petroleum

Houston, Texas As a multinational energy company, BHP Billiton has offices on four continents and operates around the clock. It is essential for the company to have access to exceptional conferencing capabilities and AV equipment to conduct business around the world. Features Participants Owner: BHP Billiton Petroleum Architect: Gensler Consultant: TechKnowledge Consulting Corporation AV Contractor: … Read more

Sysco Foods

Sysco Foods

Cypress, Texas As the largest food distribution company in the world, Sysco Corporation operates more than 170 facilities throughout North America. As their operations network continues to expand, so does the need for teleconferencing capabilities. Features Participants Owner: Sysco Corporation AV Contractor: Ford Audio-Video Systems Ford AV has deployed thousands of custom solutions for meeting … Read more

Executive Briefing Center


Dallas, Texas When one of the world’s leading telecom companies wanted to showcase the future of presentations and business solutions, they called Ford AV to help make their vision a reality. The Executive Briefing Center, located in the heart of their corporate headquarters, demonstrates cutting edge technology for video walls and video conferencing, all of … Read more

Meeting Made Easy: Technology resolves meeting space conflicts

RealPage Training Room

Corporate growth is exploding in Dallas, TX with great success for both new and established brands. In fact, if you have ever rented an apartment or vacation home for the week you have probably utilized one of these brands on the rise: RealPage. RealPage recently moved their headquarters from Silicon Valley to Richardson, TX, which … Read more



The Woodlands, Texas With over 3.5 million square feet of office space, the new ExxonMobil campus in Houston was one of the world’s largest construction projects. As the Master AV Integrator, Ford AV was responsible for the deployment and training in over 1,500 rooms of the latest in AV technology. Features Participants Owner: ExxonMobil Architect: … Read more

KAMO Power

Vinita, Oklahoma KAMO Power is a Generation and Transmission cooperative serving northeast Oklahoma and southwest Missouri. The mission-critical status of supplying electrical service to facilities and homes in this area requires quality technology to monitor, control and engage any problems. Features Participants Owner: KAMO Power General Contractor: Crossland Construction AV Contractor: Ford Audio-Video Systems, LLC … Read more